Google politics, Codswallop in court, Boris no debate, never Hunt

Google has crossed a line

Many would have said it was time long ago to ditch google and though I knew it, plus resent their way of reading my emails and suggesting improvements, I’ve stuck with it because the all-in-one nature of the package was, naturally, useful online to a blogger, it opened easily into other apps.

However, this appears to be so OTT and now it’s out … weeeeelllll, planning I am.

Bombshell! Google’s Plan to Prevent Another Donald Trump — Ever

[Notice how quickly this was taken down? The forces of evil are out there doing their all-encompassing worst.]

Codswallop in court

For those not au fait with British politics, there’s a leftwing rag called the Guardian and they have failed in their duty of protection of this silly bint Codswallop, instead feting and celebrating how she singlehandedly [don’t forget women can do anything equal to or better than men] has taken on the beastly, toxic men of the right – you know, heroine etc.

She was doing the Trump Russian conspiracy thing as part of the Guardian – yes, the same crowd who’ve been running with this surveillance of boris’s bird’s home but this time they’ve picked on the wrong guy and he’s bitten back.? He says prove it or pay up.

Her reaction?? To apologise?? Nope, she says he’s just a great big bully picking on a defenceless woman for defaming him.

Boris not debating

The boy is learning:

I do feel there’s a general obligation [ignored in the case of the Coronation of May] to set out the stall and take questions on it, at times since Kennedy, it’s gained points at the polls, but if it’s not your forte, probably best not to, better to dent the poll rating than lose altogether in a total stitch-up.

Since HIGNFY, Boris has become more cautious about elephant traps.

Never Hunt

Maximum speed

The very nature of displacement boats is that they displace water, which must then go somewhere.

There is a formula for the top speed on flat water of such a boat:

4/3 the square root of the length at the waterline – the speed is in knots.

For a boat to climb its bow wave and ‘get out of’ its trap, it must use design features – thus the dinghy can rise above it and plane on top of the water, many modern yachts can too.

Question for you is – what is the displacement boat maximum speed if she is 40 feet, 10 inches LWL? ?Before design features enter into it of course.

Boris and his bird

It’s already been noted that the gardener may well also be Boris’s hairstylist:

The word which keeps hovering about concerning this matter is ‘counterproductive’ and in this case, it applies to those morons on her doorstep, now they’ve hounded her out of the house.

Monday too

1. The violence of the left … or those from other lands?

2. Pot, kettle:

Ed Davey [on Sophy Ridge] calling Boris Johnson a disgrace seems to have forgotten his own expenses scandal. Love how politicians ignore their own failings. This is just one story about Davey’s cheating the taxpayer:

3.? Zac Goldsmith writes:

Wholesale structural change [2]

A state with immense riches to tap and yet:

By many criteria, 21st-century California is both the poorest and the richest state in the union. Almost a quarter of the population lives below the poverty line. Another fifth is categorized as near the poverty level — facts not true during the latter 20th century. A third of the nation’s welfare recipients now live in California. The state has the highest homeless population in the nation (135,000). About 22 percent of the nation’s total homeless population reside in the state — whose economy is the largest in the U.S., fueling the greatest numbers of American billionaires and high-income zip codes.

But by some indicators, the California middle class is shrinking — because of massive regulation, high taxation, green zoning, and accompanying high housing prices. Out-migration from the state remains largely a phenomenon of the middle and upper-middle classes. Millions have left California in the past 30 years, replaced by indigent and often illegal immigrants, often along with the young, affluent, and single.